It’s Monday Again

The thing about key players in the Trump administration is that there is little reason to trust any of them. They’re always trying to put out the fires Trump starts, trying to placate and keep him happy. And most come across as incompetent goons and doormats, anyway. The VP, the AG, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, the press secretary who’s just another pretty face Trump found somewhere.

They’re all well-trained in the art of misdirection, can spin a yarn with the best of them, tell you lies with conviction, say ridiculous things with a straight face. And, as always, mystifyingly loyal.

Then there’s Stephen Miller. He and Kellyanne Conway (what does she do, exactly?) are in a class by themselves.

I have no faith in any of them. The fact that they were willing to take jobs in this administration is a red flag. Do they consider it an honor, for some reason? Or is it all just a head trip, that lust for public recognition, to be in a position of power, an insider?

No one voluntarily becomes part of the Trump administration because they want to “help people.” That’s such a quaint notion.

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