Covid Fatigue

I feel it’s not my place to take pot shots at some who want to reopen things and get back to work. I’ve been pretty comfortable, not bothered by lack of income or food or a place to lay my head at night. My main gripe is with those who want to reopen simply because they need a haircut or don’t like being told what to do. Or they feel “oppressed,” their constitutional rights having been trampled on.

Oh, please. Cue the violins.

Don’t listen to Donald Trump! He has nothing good to say. He says hardly anything worth tuning in for. He’s probably not an idiot, but he is heartless. The only thing he cares about, ultimately, is himself and his prospects for staying in the limelight. He needs the adulation, the kudos, the pats on the back.

It should be of concern to all of us that the person who occupies the highest office in the land possesses the emotional maturity of a 6-year old, and has spent a good portion of his life being nothing more than a giant dickhead.

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