Two And Two

Plenty of time to lament…

… that we exist in separate universes, unable and unwilling to listen, long ago giving up on efforts to walk a mile in anyone else’s shoes. Apparently we’ve seen and heard all that we’ve needed to see and hear. This is where I’m at.

I quickly start generalizing, stereotyping, making assumptions: you drive a pick-up truck with a ball sac hanging from the trailer hitch? Probably a Trump voter. You have a  Confederate flag proudly displayed somewhere on that pick-up truck? Definitely a Trump voter. You like NASCAR? Sixty/forty you’re a Trump voter. You watch Fox News regularly? You rail against the “liberal Dems” and decry their Socialist agenda? You badmouth anyone who gets a handout as you collect your subsidies or cash your Social Security check or get medical treatment through Medicare, or your opiate-addled adult child is de-toxified through a state- or county-run addiction treatment program? Probably a Trump voter.

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