About A Year To Go

Might, may, could, should, maybe, possibly

News outlets and editorial writers are always grasping at straws, using words that hint at hoped-for eventualities, trying to keep the light burning at the end of the tunnel that is the end of the Trump nightmare. Painting possible scenarios, predicting plausible outcomes. All the while never breaking free of mere conjecture. 

With regard to the whole impeachment process, the outcome is already known- Trump will be impeached by the House and rescued by the Senate. It seems like a risky exercise in futility, if not for the fact that Trump’s actions warrant the effort. 

Though not rising to the level of impeachable offenses, he should be removed from office simply because of who he is, for the things he’s said and will continue to say, for his emptiness and selfishness and lack of empathy. For the awful example he sets as a human being and a statesman.

Still, so many call him their President. His latest batch of campaign ads- or distractions- are all tinged with passionate anger and… loyalty?

Is he really their President? Do they actually respect him? Or are they just tickled that so many “liberals” have been pissed off since 2016?

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