The clip on the nightly news showing Harvey Weinstein out and about and getting called out by an over-the-top (maybe alcohol-fueled?) protester and a stand-up comic– well, it just got under my skin, for some reason.

It’s possible he was just out with friends, trying to keep a low profile, not asking for trouble, and then someone with a camera phone records footage that gets aired on national television, and he gets humiliated before the nation one more time. It seems unfair, somehow. Piling on. Like there can be no redemption for him. Like he’s a marked man and damaged goods for the rest of his life. It seems quite merciless. 

Some will argue that, hey, payback is a bitch. And maybe Weinstein is a slimeball. But maybe people who don’t really know him and the state of his psyche should just mind their own business. Because their behavior offers up its own measures of insensitivity and cruelty.

Then again, this is the age of Trump, so maybe two wrongs do make a right.

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