Monday Morning

So the gist of one news story is that Trump is licking his chops. I guess because he can’t wait to start in on whoever ends up being the Democratic nominee. The expectation, apparently, is that he’s going to bring things to a whole new level, have a field day with whoever gets the nomination. But it’ll be particularly gruesome if Elizabeth Warren gets the nod.

Oh, there’s no doubt things are going to get ugly in the lead-up to the election, but I’m hoping Ms. Warren can handle herself. Whoever gets the nomination will have to handle him- or herself against the Trump machine, because they will not hesitate to throw the kitchen sink. Imagine how pissed he’s going to be after the impeachment hearings, no matter the outcome of those. “Bloodbath” is too tame a description. I hope we survive this.

But hey, the economy is good, right? Isn’t this all that matters?

We’re losing sight of the intangibles- integrity, a sense of unity and purpose, trust and respect for elected officials. It’s all anger and raised voices and “my way or the highway.” It’s unsustainable. This is no way to run a country.

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