Can’t Let This Go

If supporters of Donald Trump want to know why people can’t see how wonderful he is, all they need to do is look at the picture of the smirking high school youth with the MAGA hat who was mocking the man singing a native American chant in Washington D.C. the other day. Because this rotten behavior is what Trump inspires.

Besides the man and his winning personality, it’s the ocean cesspool always swirling around him. The company he keeps, the monsters he entices from the shadows. The MAGA mobs, the smiling faces who offer up Hitler salutes, the racist, heartless rhetoric, the climate change deniers, the wall builders, his inner circle of “advisers,” Fox News. It’s a rogues’ gallery of those who present the slimiest possible versions of themselves.

And they all seem to claim Trump as their savior. Trump runs roughshod over words and people every day. He uses people. One gets the sense that he’s had few true friends in his life because he doesn’t know how to handle true friendship. He seems to have no use for it.

He says things either without thinking or with intent to incite malice and anger. He has no patience. He has no plan, other than self-enrichment. And his only tool is a sledgehammer.

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