Super Dud?

The commentary following the Super Bowl was humorous, annoying, and predictable, what one would expect from people who have long tired of the Patriots, or who have never played the game but just want to be entertained. It was a real snooze fest, the most boring game ever, the season should have ended two weeks ago… The critics came crawling out of the woodwork, ready to pounce.

We’re all entitled to our opinions, and I can’t imagine that anyone rooting for the Rams found enjoyment in it. It wasn’t the offensive show many were expecting, but it was a defensive masterpiece. Inept offense is what’s liable to happen when the defenses are on their game.

The Pats implemented a plan that kept the Rams guessing all night, and the Rams pretty much shut Brady & company down, other than the one drive in the 4th quarter.

Just a different sort of game. And I’m not complaining about the outcome. I hope they get a shot at 7.

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