Time for a Sabbatical

I feel the need to walk away from the political noise and minimize exposure to any news outlet. The whole atmosphere is an aggravation, because it seems agonizingly unjust that a person like Donald Trump can occupy the office he occupies, and monopolize the airwaves the way he does. He’s painfully visible. There’s little evidence that he possesses even a short list of redeeming qualities. He’s loud, brash, insensitive, and totally into himself. He emanates a vibe of unteachability.

In a variety of ways, he makes it clear that he is largely incapable of caring about other people. He can’t relate to them and is unwilling to listen long enough to allow any chance for enlightenment or insight or change of heart.

He’s a 72-year old playground bully who missed out on a decent childhood. And now he’s engaged in a ridiculous tit-for-tat with Nancy Pelosi and anyone he considers an enemy or disloyal. And he’s President of the United States.

Many people voted for him.

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