Do our elected reps in D.C actually go there because they sense a call to public service, or simply because they want to make a name for themselves and revel in the prestige and power? Is there always something at stake for them beyond the needs of the people who put them there?

They do the photo ops, they say they listen to their constituents, but do they really? Can they dare be honest and tell their constituents, in a nice way, that maybe they’re full of shit and need to expand their world view and calm down? Or does the one who promises a chicken in every pot, a fulfillment of basic needs, stand the best chance of prevailing, as in “tell ‘em what they want to hear?” Helluva strategy. It worked for Trump. And now we have to suffer his ugly persona and daily spewing of sewage.

I really wish the media would stop being so fascinated with him, stop treating him like some rare species, like a spectacle worthy of their study and analysis, not to mention their time and fascination. Being a savvy politician isn’t necessarily a compliment, as if it is some sort of honorable character trait. And Trump is a politician, whether or not he paints himself that way. The jury is still out regarding his savviness.

I know the press is supposed to be impartial and unbiased, but Trump begs partiality and close scrutiny of whatever his agenda is. A robust skepticism serves us well these days.

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