Did people really feel this way about Barack Obama? Like they couldn’t imagine another 4 years with him in office? Were they as full of vehement denial and disgust as I have been since the 2016 election? It hardly seems reasonable, but it’s probably a similar dynamic. So was it because he’s a Democrat or because he is black? Probably both, but his blackness is what I’m guessing caused the wheels to come off the bus of reason and sanity.

I can’t imagine another 4 years of Trump. It will be painfully awful, but perhaps at some point we will all just go numb.

My expectations of ever hearing something meaningful come out of his mouth long ago plummeted to zero. I can’t listen to the sound bytes on the nightly news. He just spews volumes of nothingness. Crass, thoughtless drivel. Does he tweet his own thoughts, or is someone feeding him the words?

I can’t believe people continue to rally around him. It’s all about swallowing hard, biting one’s tongue, and holding onto power. And checking their humanity at the door.

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