Random Thoughts

Sometimes it feels like there is just a handful of people making decisions that affect the rest of us. Like there are the movers and shakers in Washington who get there by making promises, and then they overstay their welcome and make all sorts of moral compromises. And we have to watch it unfold without being able to do anything about it except wait for the next election cycle.

In some ways we are still fighting the Civil War. Mmm, a civil war. That’s funny.

Winning and losing. Doing and undoing. Has it always been this way? Or were the true colors revealed after Barack Obama was elected? Did the craziness ensue after a black man was elected POTUS? Fear has gotten us Donald Trump. Some will say that we’ve gotten what we deserve, but I didn’t vote for him. I and and almost 66 million others don’t feel we “deserve” him.

I hope the Democrats can hold out during this shutdown over Trump’s useless wall. The tragedy is that hundreds of thousands of workers now go without pay because Donald Trump is on a mission to fulfill a bogus campaign promise.  

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