Anger Issues

It’s difficult to write because emotions get in the way here, but how does a district judge in Texas get to rule on the validity of the ACA? What were the political machinations behind this development?

Sometimes it feels like this really is a battle of elemental forces, between good and evil. How can you ban something that’s established and helping millions of people? I can only imagine that rendering the ACA unconstitutional would be the holy grail for Donald Trump. It is absolutely maddening to think how proud he would be of such an “accomplishment.” We’d never hear the end of it.

Just admit it, Donald. You’ve never had a vision for the country. You just wanted to win, to prevail and send the naysayers packing. You wanted to destroy things and claim this as making America great again. And now that the Mueller noose is tightening, you just want to lash out, take no prisoners, slash and burn.

Who are you? What are you? And what is your gripe with Barack Obama? Is it his blackness? Or is it because he carries himself with an air of confidence you can’t come close to matching, and it drives you crazy?

Donald, just go away.

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