There You Have It

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth…

I believe there is a piano in our living room because I can see it and play it. I believe I live in a sea of breathable elements because I’m breathing and alive. But I have no idea whether or not there is a God who created the universe and has been and is involved with us in this slog through an invented construct called time.

Looking around, one might think that something extraordinary is going on. But is this sense of wonder a working of the Spirit? God-given faith?  Or merely reflective of our limited human capacity to process information– i.e., if we can’t get our heads around something, do we just file it in the God folder?

Sometimes I think we’re left with one of two over-simplified scenarios: either everything is ultimately explained away by science and laws of physics and such, or it was all created and set in motion, and the creator has pretty much said, “Here you go. Now have at it and figure it out.”

Lately I’ve been leaning toward the former, even though my current vocation necessitates a certain buy-in re the latter.

Either way, enough mystery already.

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