A Bit of Stereotyping

I’m not understanding the beef with Colin Kaepernick and Nike.

How many times do people need to be reminded that the players’ protest isn’t a trolling of the nation’s military? It’s not a slight aimed at our nation’s men and women in uniform, or an affront to Old Glory.

People who have a problem with the protest also probably voted for Donald Trump, a man who doesn’t know what he believes except that he needs to hold onto his base, must appeal to some blind, unquestioning sense of patriotism. 

Cue the indignant people everywhere who maybe would give a nod to injustice and unequal treatment under the law as long as no one messes with their precious NFL and its culture of legalized, testosterone-fueled mayhem. Because that’s the real slice of Americana.

Better to salute that than someone who’s risked his dream job trying to get our attention.

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