A Shrug of the Shoulders

There was an editorial in the local paper a couple days ago entitled, “A bad man can be a good president.” I started reading the article but stopped when I had a “Wait, what?” moment and began thinking about that premise. How can such a theory gain any traction? A bad man can be a good president. Are you fucking kidding me?

So is this what we’ve come to– defending Trump at any cost by laying out reasons why he’s still doing a good job, even as he gives us multiple reasons to believe he’s a cold-hearted narcissist who has no idea what he’s doing?

I don’t know what to do with this, except to explain why it feels so wrong.

The “good” he’s done might be good in the opinion of the modern day Republican, who somehow manages to exist in a time warp with little evidence of a functioning heart, who operates in the rarefied air of abject ignorance and reprehensible selfishness, who reacts out of spite and fear and a narrow-minded religious and patriotic fervor, seemingly hell-bent on preserving an America that doesn’t- or shouldn’t- exist anymore.

I can’t pretend to understand such a stance, this defense of the indefensible. But therein lies our dilemma: to many, many people, Donald Trump is some sort of hero. 

It all seems so inconceivable. And irreconcilable.

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