A Price Too Steep, Finally?

Seventeen lives, just like that.

And round ‘n’ round we go. Loved ones as collateral damage, the tragically unfortunate consequence of political inertia.

And people who are beyond angry, again. Tired of the same pictures, the same dead-in-the-eyes animal with “issues,” the same story line, the same inaction, the same tired rhetoric from Republicans who avoid uttering “gun control” the way people avoid a plague.

It’s never the right time, let’s not jump to conclusions, let’s get all the facts, please offer prayers for the families… We could do the interviews ourselves now.

How about we stop this insane bullshit and ask ourselves why this only happens here in the U.S. with such mind-numbing frequency. Stop using mental illness as your whipping boy, stop hiding behind your precious 2nd Amendment rights, dispense with your wild west fantasies and paranoia, and just admit there are too many guns.

Gun kits are not quite as accessible as model airplane kits. And don’t go on about how you’ll never stop the bad guys from getting guns. Lame excuse.

Look around. Why only here? Why only here?!

Hmmm… It’s a mystery. 

Wayne LaPierre and the rest of the NRA talking heads can take a long walk off a short pier.

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