Makin’ Hay

How often does it seem like we’re waiting for our lives to begin, as if whatever is going on at the moment is warm-up, prologue, or somehow doesn’t count? I’m 64 years old and I believe I have operated under this illusion for… most of my life.

Well, I believe this is the case at least in terms of vocation. I am not currently- nor have ever been- engaged in work that I have dreamed of doing. I’ve found work, but it is not my life’s work. Maybe most folks don’t get to do their life’s work, whatever that might be. Or maybe they’re doing it but just don’t realize it.

If one’s life’s work is closely tied to financial reward, then I have definitely not found my niche. If it has more to do with feeling like a contribution is being made to society’s or individuals’ well-being, then maybe.

I guess the sweet spot is enjoying what you do and getting paid a living wage to do it. I might have half of that equation correct.

Anyway, what’s happening at this very moment isn’t prologue. It’s your life. And the clock is ticking.

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