Coffee Geek

Cold brew. Two words whose mere mention probably raise my serotonin levels. Every day begins with a 16oz Tervis tumbler of this nectar of the gods.

I’ve been using the Toddy system for a while now. Haven’t invested in a scale, so I’ve probably never had the proper amount of beans. I max out a Cuisinart Automatic Burr Mill (18 cups x 2, medium grind) to use for each batch. My roast of choice depends on what’s on sale at the store- 8 O’clock Central Highlands, Starbucks House Blend, Gevalia French Roast.

I follow the directions of starting with one cup of filtered water, then add the first batch of freshly ground beans, then 3 more cups of filtered water, followed by the second 18- cup batch of beans. Then I wait five minutes to add the last 3 cups of filtered water. In that intervening five minutes I clean up the grinder, put that away, get out the plastic wrap and a rubber band. By that time, I’m ready to add the water, making sure all the grounds are wet before covering the container with the plastic wrap and securing with the rubber band.

Steep time varies, depending on when the batch is made. If it’s made first thing in the morning, I’ll let it sit all day and empty into the decanter before I go to bed. If it’s made later in the day, I let it steep overnight and empty it first thing in the morning. Always a minimum of 12 hours steep time, often longer than that. And it stays on the kitchen table or the counter for the duration. I don’t refrigerate while it’s steeping.

I love this system and would never use anything else. My only gripe is that sometimes it drains too slowly. Filter life varies for me. If I get consecutive batches that take forever to empty, then I break out a new filter.

The 56oz decanter of concentrated goodness lasts me about a week.



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