From All Appearances

I used to consider myself an Independent, in terms of who I voted for. In Presidential elections, I’ve voted for both Democrats and Republicans over the years. I’ve never been a party loyalist. Until lately.

I vote a straight Democratic ticket anymore, sometimes to spite, sometimes on principle.

One has to look and listen closely to detect any separation or distinction between any Republican House rep or Senator. Ever since Barack Obama (though probably before), the Republicans have been in lockstep opposition to Democratic policy ideas. Donald Trump won the electoral college because he promised to undo whatever was done in the eight years Obama was in office. And he is keeping those promises with a barrage of executive orders. 

Oh, there is separation in the Republican camp- the tea partiers and Bannon disciples have wackier and more frightening ideas than the old guard McConnell types. But I’ve learned that a Republican vision of governance tends to overlook people, leave people out. The focus is heavily on small government, reckless deregulation, skewed tax policy that seems to favor big business and the rich few, and an unhealthy embrace of “Christian values.”

There is a conservatism that seems to come from a place of fear and ignorance and nostalgia.

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