I T E, S

Is it really just about the economy, stupid? It seems so. Many economic indicators have been on fire since Mr. Trump took office. The stock market is up 5000 points, so investors must feel pretty good about their own fucking climate. Of course, any rustling leaf or little whiff of conflict will have them running for cover and claiming the sky is falling.

So, apparently, when push comes to shove, it really is all about how people feel about their economic well-being. Nothing else much matters, like who is in office or what else is being done or undone or said or promised. Or threatened.

Our President’s a jerk? It doesn’t matter- my 401k is up 30 percent. He’s declaring war on a free press? Tsk, tsk, Bitcoin is going through the roof! He’s undoing every sane attempt at regulation of abuse of privilege and power? Please, this is ‘murica.  It’s amazing what we can overlook when our bellies are full.

Heaven help us. And now we have to suffer through another gloat fest thanks to passage of a tax bill rammed through Congress, to be signed in early January. The prospect of seeing a bunch of beaming white millionaires standing behind the Braggart-in-Chief, all puffed up over their “accomplishment,” is hard to handle. They’re painting it as the best Christmas gift ever for the average American taxpayer (well, until 2027). Throwing us a bone and then feeling pleased with themselves.

Please stop saying that you’re speaking for the American people. You’re not even speaking for a tiny majority of the American people. As if you know us or what is in our hearts and on our minds. Please leave me out of your pronouncements. You are not speaking for me or the actual majority of us.

Just stop it. Just go away.  That would be the best Christmas gift ever.

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