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It is stunning, on occasion, to realize how much of the daily news cycle is merely a recounting of small-mindedness. And everyone gets drawn in. This President is the biggest culprit, the Instigator-in-Chief. He’s a braggart, a dispenser of sewage and paper towels, lacks any semblance of a unifying vision, and in general is just not a very likeable person.  Yet day after day, everyone continues to play right into his hand.

What would happen if the late night hosts decided to look elsewhere for material? What would happen if the media just stopped covering him? Oops, that wouldn’t work because then Fox News and the Breitbart universe would have free reign.

Trump loves attention, and without it he’s nothing. But since he is the President, he gets coverage by default. He’s like a porch light attracting moths.

Though any mention of him and light in the same sentence is a disservice to light.

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