What’s the Beef?

The outrage directed at CNN is both understandable and a mystery at the same time. Why give the flaming narcissistic toddler a forum when you pretty much know what you’re gonna get?

Well, as Anderson Cooper pointed out, Trump is currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for POTUS. That by itself should warrant public scrutiny and attention. Sure, he was pandering to a partisan crowd. Yes, it had the air of a mini-rally. And Kaitlan Collins did her best to fact check and keep his penchant for interruption and denial at bay (didn’t work).

But I’m not feeling Steve Schmidt’s or Morning Joe’s pain, or the many others who vehemently panned CNN for the 70 minutes of MOTS viewers apparently got. I am as sick as anyone of Trump’s boorish nine-lives schtick, but this can’t translate to networks who don’t like him also not giving him airtime. Isn’t journalism worth its salt going to give us all sides of any issue, along with the candidates who align themselves with those sides?

I don’t know Chris Licht’s motivation for wanting to air the town hall. I do know he used to work with Stephen Colbert for a number of years. Here’s a theory: Licht maybe had qualms about airing the show, but did it in the spirit of good journalism, and also knowing Trump would be Trump, that he would do his best to put his foot in his mouth, for all of America to see and maybe, finally, take note.

Or not. I hear the program wasn’t exactly Gallup gold.

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