Loss Leader

We weren’t born into this world to be pawns and objects destined only to do someone else’s dirty work. Talking to you, Vladimir. Your twisted vision is a cold tonic, a vile intrusion on many lives interrupted or cut short by your hand and your grandiose, hateful, and paranoid worldview.

I can only imagine that for you and your inner circle, things are developing as you planned. But what is your endgame? World domination (good luck with that), or scorched earth, a reason to use your nukes and take the world with you as you bid adieu?

Why do people like you continue to come along? The death and maiming and gratuitous obliteration of homes and livelihoods– none of that registers with you, does it? It’s all just the cost of doing business, and restoring Mother Russia in your image.

You must know how this ends, right?

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