Some will probably admit to feeling a sense of relief, maybe satisfaction, over Alec Baldwin’s manslaughter charge, i.e. it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. And a fair question has to be why live ammunition was on the set in the first place!

I hope the charge isn’t because “someone needs to be held accountable,” regardless of whether or not it was a tragic accident. By now, though, one might think that an investigation has been done and the findings have led to this development. Baldwin was not only an actor on set, but also a producer, so his level of responsibility and accountability was increased. One news report suggests this might have something to do with the charge.

In any event, it’ll be a developing story, something to take our minds off the fifty other more consequential things going on in the country and world. Maybe George Santos will somehow lay claim to exonerating Baldwin and emerge as a hero of his own imagining. That could happen.

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