Old Fogies

Morality police. Sounds funny and pathetic and a bit Orwellian. Among the best arguments for a clear separation of church and state, or whatever they’d prefer to label it in places like Iran or Afghanistan or elsewhere.

In Iran, the price is being paid for stepping out, even as, if reports are accurate, the first people to be publicly executed were violent offenders who allegedly attacked and killed police.

Women cannot not wear their hijabs. Imagine women in this country being told they have to cover their heads. Imagine, in general, such restrictions on personal expression. And the sad irony is that such abhorrent efforts are carried out in a deeply patriarchal atmosphere. Men making decisions for women, perhaps not unlike what’s happening in this country with regard to abortion.

I know there’s a place for good order, but not regarding something that has adiaphora written all over it.

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