The Wrong Tree

I recently came across a meme that evoked a visceral reaction coming from a place of feeling like enough is enough.

To summarize, it contained a wordy, rambling, paranoid, cliched rant about how we’re all just victims of and slaves to corporate power and malfeasance, about how “things really are in America” that sounded like what I imagine a Q-Anon manifesto would sound like, complete with a superimposed image of some Army or Marine vet looking all menacing and angry, as if to add a certain gravitas and legitimacy to the vial of bile that was contained therein.

I’m really tired of hearing people parrot these streams of consciousness, tired of reading these pessimistic takes on “what’s really going on…” It wreaks of brain washing, and hints strongly at the spread of an insidious poison through a whole subset of angry, disenchanted men and women who apparently are ready to bear arms and create havoc in the name of fixing a problem. Like their hero, Donald Trump, they have no plan. It’s just violence in the name of slaying some boogeyman (a changing complexion?) and hastening what in their minds passes as “restoration.”

I have no doubt that some of these people are ex-military personnel who may very well feel like they’ve been treated like pawns by the rich and powerful– by people who aren’t listening, who have never gotten their hands dirty or stood anywhere near a battlefield.

Still, their worldview has soured. They are convinced that America is really a giant sham, a real mess, and the only solution is a fresh start ushered in with violence and chaos.

No, thank you.

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