Relief At Last

I haven’t seen the final numbers in the Georgia run-off. It was back and forth on Tuesday night, which was a head-scratcher in itself, but now enough votes are in to declare Raphael Warnock the winner. Not a surprise, really, but the fact that the race was close at all says something about the Republican mindset and that penchant for knowingly wasting one’s vote.

What was Herschel Walker supposed to represent? What did he bring to the table that was supposed to woo voters? A reputation as a recognizable former Georgia U. running back and NFL star? Was that all? I’m not seeing how Mr. Walker could ever have been viewed as an able opponent for Mr. Warnock.

Truthfully, I’m not sure I’m ok with the dual jobs Warnock has. How can he be a full-time U.S. Senator and hold a pastorate at Ebenezer Baptist Church as well? Why is this still happening? Isn’t his full-time job as a Senator now? One might think he’s gonna have to give up his Sunday work, now that he’s been elected to a 6-year term.

Anyway, it’s good and proper that Warnock has prevailed, because Herschel Walker was a slap in the face to voters everywhere. It’s almost like Republicans needed a black candidate to compete so they carted out Walker, figuring his star power would be enough to carry the day. Their vetting process overlooked or missed consequential faux pas in Mr. Walker’s past, and they were apparently able to overlook the fact that he was clueless and inept regarding so much else that mattered more than celebrity status and name recognition.

The Republicans remind me of that Billy Crystal character from SNL– Fernando– and one of his stock lines about it being better to look good than to feel good. Herschel Walker’s candidacy was an insult, but they didn’t care.

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