Towering Babbel

It is a dizzying prospect when one contemplates having to listen to politicians offer their version of an answer to questions about Donald Trump and his place in the Republican party. Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, Chris Christie and the rest are trying to chart a new course for the party while tip-toeing around the 76-year-old toddler and purveyor of fine bombast.

This is all fine and good except for the fact that the Republican party—even the old guard or more mainstream membership—is still a one-trick pony. They pride themselves on “conservative” values as this applies to everything from spending and taxation to views on religion and sex. They have trouble dealing with life as it comes at most of us. Even the sane ones seem to have trouble recognizing that life will not, cannot be as neat and tidy as they wish it would be.

They’re unduly influenced by their Christian beliefs, seemingly stuck in some nostalgic time warp, reluctant to acknowledge real need or perhaps simply ill-equipped or unwilling to address it. The irony has always been that as self-proclaimed followers of Jesus, they behave as if they really don’t believe that. For them, it still appears to be more about law than gospel.

Maybe we should dispense with the labels, namely “conservative” and “liberal,” and instead simply assume that Republican concerns will always align more closely with maintaining material wealth and a rigid moral code, while Democrats at least attempt to see the world as it actually is, and aspire to change it for the better. For everyone.

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