Not So Fast

Maher and Colbert and others seem buoyed by the results of the recent midterm elections, i.e. America isn’t as crazy and doomed as people claimed or feared. I think they’re premature in their assessments, because that’s what I do and who I am.

If Trump recedes, and the MAGA crowd along with him, I will be elated beyond words and the first to admit the error of my judgment. But I have this feeling that the crazies and itchy trigger fingers will still have a moment, especially if Trump is brought to trial in any of the pending legal cases in which he’s involved. And let’s not forget the clones who remain in or were recently elected to Congress.

I just don’t see this being clean and neat. We’re still in the woods.

It’s like we all know what Trump is up to, and the chances of stopping him are mixed, at best. I don’t see him being removed from the scene, which is what we need. We need him to fade into the woodwork, either with jail time until he’s too old to run again, or by being marginalized and finally recognized by the Base as the windbag and toxic slug he’s always been.

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