Network news really is a hype machine. Every story is delivered breathlessly, especially the weather. I guess I’d be excited, too, by the possibility of five feet of snow coming my way. Look out, Buffalo and Watertown. Lake effect is gonna do its thing. I know they’re used to a lot of snow in that neck of the woods, but five feet sounds like it might be more than even they can handle. The way things are developing, one might wonder if winter is coming early and will be over early. Seems like that often happens when the big storms arrive so soon in the season. Oh, predictions are down to four feet this morning. That’s more like it.

Speaking of Lake Effect… Kari refuses to concede. Of course. Should we be expecting anything more, or less, from the person who prefers to be filmed as if through a sheet of plastic wrap?

Kevin McCarthy got quickly around to diminishing Nancy Pelosi’s time as Speaker. As if it were a reign of terror. Hopefully you’ll be learning that karma is a bitch, Kevin.

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