Bad Seed

I could make a vow, try to do my part in not getting caught in the hubbub over Trump running again. But it’s really difficult not to say things about this. It’s so obviously a ploy, a calculated effort to stay ahead of the authorities.

Why are we indulging him? It’s plain to see that, for him, it’s all a game of survival. Just another reality show he gets to foist on a weary nation. It’s staying one step ahead of the jailer.

He is beyond repair. He craves and needs attention. Attention is his crack. That’s it. There’s nothing more, folks. He’s not a patriot. He’s an angry juvenile who happens to live in America and has fleeced it for a nice living, but he doesn’t really care about the country or the people living in it.

What is truly flabbergasting is that there are so many still willing to indulge him, who treat him like a god, like he’s doing something worth paying attention to. He is, quite simply, wasting our time. We should be mad as hell about this and swear off of him. For good. It’d be a game changer if his trusty Base began seeing things this way.

Members of the Republican party who can effect outcomes need to step up and find someone else to be the nominee in 2024. It’d be the most discouraging and depraved thing ever, to see Trump—with all the baggage he’s carrying?!—still standing, still a person of consequence, as the next presidential election comes around.

The 76-year old glutton and empty vessel appears to have maddeningly good stamina, and he’s trying to wear us down. We can’t let him do that, because he has not one thing that we need.

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