Was coerced into watching the Nightly News but couldn’t handle more than a couple minutes of it, since the top story was The Picture, the crime scene photo of top-secret cover sheets laid out on a floor at Mar-a-lago, over which certain networks and pundits are all losing their shit.

I couldn’t watch the whole piece, since the anchor and reporters on the scene breathlessly spoke as if Trump maybe possibly might could be in real trouble this time. There’s never been anything more than that, though– conjecture, theory. Wishful thinking? Makes me think he’s gonna get away with even this. This will end up being the latest dismissive, albeit cliched, “nothing burger” that Fox and their ilk are always regurgitating.

I can’t conceive of how much wrangling and hand-wringing are going on behind the scenes right now. The DOJ is contemplating an indictment of a former sitting POTUS. Trump apparently has been caught red-handed with the goods, but… not really? Not this time, not any time? I can’t conceive of the machine he has at his disposal whose job it is to throw taffy in the gears and keep their boss above the fray, away from the ax.

Liberal media have been hovering like vultures, salivating like a Newfie eyeing what’s on your plate, while Fox and the rest are positively incensed that Trump could be treated in such a manner.

What level of mindlessness exists beyond insanity?

The son of a bitch STILL dominates the news and he’s been out of office for over a year and a half. Since when does this seem reasonable or healthy? It’s way past time to shut him down, to call his bluff and send him off into oblivion and ignominy.

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