Pets Are Easier

I’m discovering that I’m not always good with nuance. I have trouble being diplomatic, i.e. patient and thoughtful. I crave black and white, clearly demarcated good guys and bad guys. It’s easier that way.

I react more than I ponder or analyze. But then I risk getting lumped in with the hotheads and ignoramuses on the right who sound like buffoons and idiots, and I don’t want to be associated with that goonish mindset.

My ire is easily raised, though. It sometimes doesn’t take much for my bullshit meter to peg, especially when it comes to people like Donald Trump. Or Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Josh Hawley, Kevin McCarthy, MTG, Lauren Boebert, or even Kyrsten Sinema, she of the tortured first name and flamboyant fashion sense. Their public personas may be different from who they are in private, but what we see and hear often leaves the impression that they are in someone’s pocket, that they enjoy the limelight and speaking out of their ass and serving up the party line with a heaping helping of snark.

No one can be bested. Everyone wants to be heard. There’s a constant need to prevail, to win, to have the upper hand and the last word. There seems to be no room for concession or compromise, or admitting to speaking without knowing all the facts.

They have trouble being honest sometimes, and it seems they may not know the people they serve as well as they say they do.

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