Making A Case

The Jan. 6 Committee seems to be doing a thorough, methodical job of connecting the dots. These hearings have been well planned, the AV technology seems to be working the way they want it to, those called to testify have added important details, and it’s all been focused and purposeful. Masterful, even. Don’t know and don’t really care what the people at Fox News are thinking of all this. I’m sure it involves a counter-narrative of some sort.

The best-case scenario in terms of outcome, for me, will be that Trump is forbidden to ever run for federal office again. Jail time would be sweet, and perhaps called for. But his never again being able to grace us with that ugly countenance as a political candidate would be quite gratifying, and a great relief. It’s time for all of us to move on from this aberration, this pretender, this boulder in our shoe.

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