Actions and Consequences

On the other hand, one might expect that a defense and counter-arguments are being mounted even as all this seemingly damning evidence continues to pour forth. It’s difficult to imagine Trump sitting idly by as witness after witness basically corroborates what many of us have suspected all along.

I’m wondering how this works—the Jan. 6 Committee has been able to lay out its case, unimpeded and unchallenged. So is anyone devising a defense, or are they merely prepping for escape? What will they dream up this time, so that Trump can once again walk away? And who’s left who’d want to defend him?

All of this must be unprecedented. For active government representatives to be engaged in such an all-consuming investigation of an event and a person after he has left office must be a rare thing. Imagine the time and effort being put into this endeavor. For it to not produce substantive results would be a massive letdown.

If Trump escapes unscathed this time, then there is no hope for the republic. Or whatever it is we have here.

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