Questions Remain

One thing, for the most part, conspicuously missing from the January 6 event, was widespread gunfire.

I’m not complaining, or disappointed. It just seems strange that as prevalent as it is every other day of the year in this country, it was largely absent on January 6, 2021. I know shots were fired and lives were lost, but as insurrections go, this was largely gun-free.

People may have had concealed weapons they never used, and other implements of destruction and mayhem were wielded. But for all the attention guns usually get, and for all the seeming potential for their use, they were suspiciously absent that day. Almost as if a certain restraint was being exercised by all parties. And the law enforcement presence was wildly ineffective, at least initially—to the point that one could rightfully wonder if that wasn’t by design.

As much of a bloviating ass pimple as Tucker Carlson is, and as much as I hate agreeing with him on anything, there might be an element of truth in his statement that what happened at the Capitol on January 6 was no insurrection, at least not in the historical context of other insurrections. There are many questions. Among them, why wasn’t there a more robust law enforcement presence even before people started showing up at the Capitol? How to explain a seeming uncharacteristic lapse in intelligence and preparation?

And why, when things were getting heated, didn’t those officers who were present use their weapons more than they did? Did they have weapons, or are Capitol Police unarmed? That wouldn’t make much sense. Perhaps they were hesitant to engage with weapons, for fear of what might ensue amidst a throng who may have been packing their own arsenal under their jackets.

I really don’t know what I’m trying to get at. It’s just that, as insurrections go, this one struck me as being relatively tame, seemingly for show. Half-hearted, and sensationalized for public consumption.

Which doesn’t dismiss the fact that people were frightened or Trump and his lemmings are off the hook. We still need to examine motives, intent, plans. Trump didn’t want to leave office, and the January 6 Committee has put meat on the bones of a plan whose intent was to facilitate exactly that. Insurrection or not, the former President was intent on interfering in the results of a free and fair election and manipulating the outcome. That is unlawful.

He and the rest need to understand what unlawful means, in whatever language it takes for him to get that message. Justice needs to be served, in a heaping helping, somehow. And at long last.

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