Some Day, Something Will Happen

What galls me at the moment is the oh-so-predictable headline on the news feeds regarding some serious gun legislation that has been passed in the House but has little chance of passing a Senate vote. Of course.

It is not difficult to imagine a scenario in which Ted Cruz and the rest continue vomiting the party line, continue stonewalling any attempts at gun control regardless of the carnage—even after an event where scores are killed or someone they know, maybe a family member, is among the victims.

Are there moments where we’ve stopped to think about what has happened over the last five years? The atrocities have come so relentlessly that there is no way we can truly process what is happening. Most of us just go on with our lives, grateful that we or someone we know wasn’t among the victims. But the collective weight of such senseless loss has to be leaving a mark.

In case you haven’t seen a recent editorial by Dick Polman, Mr. Polman quotes portions of an editorial from the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald. It reads, in part: ‘It is incomprehensible to us, as Australians, that a country so proud and great (that’s U.S.) can allow itself to be so savaged again and again by its own citizens. We cannot understand how the long years of senseless murder… have not proved to Americans that the gun is not a precious symbol of freedom, but a deadly cancer on their society…

we (Australians) have consented to a social contract that states lives are precious, and not to be casually ended by lone madmen. But our message means nothing to those whose ideology is impervious to evidence…

You can’t regulate evil. But you can disarm it. Once again we pray that the U.S. will come to its senses and do just that. And once again, we are dreadfully sure it won’t.

This Morning Herald editorial, as noted by Mr. Polman, was written five years ago.

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