They Can’t Be Serious

Nothing but wreckage left in the wake. Nothing but damage. Lives needlessly lost or forever scarred, yet all the NRA and most Republicans can manage is a default nod to thoughts and prayers and an ever-present stranglehold on a manufactured “right.”

Arm the teachers? That should go well. You think we have a teacher shortage now? Try telling teachers they have to go to gun training classes. You know, so when the next monster with an assault rifle decides it’s his turn to distinguish himself with a body count, they can stand in the way and protect their kids. Bet they didn’t teach that in college.

Press retired military and law enforcement back into service with promises of reduced taxes or other enticements? Yup, that should be attractive. I’m sure many would jump at that opportunity.

Have only one entrance? That sounds safe. Man traps…?

They’re grasping at straws, being ridiculous, doing all they can to avoid the obvious.

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