Another Whole Cloth Lie

No charts with actual, corroborated gun violence statistics will make a difference.

The contrived sacral honor ascribed to the 2nd Amendment will remain a touchstone for many Republican legislators and voters. The stats proving how far out of whack the U.S. really is won’t make a bit of difference, won’t sway opinions, won’t contribute to helpful, effective legislation.

As one source put it, any attack on 2nd Amendment rights is a “third rail” infraction, or something like that. Can’t touch it. A non-starter for the AR-15 crowd. So… I guess we just keep enduring the periodic slaughter, chalk it up to living in the land of paranoid gunslingers who would absolutely dismiss the words of the late Chief Justice Warren Burger, who said, decades ago, that such a convenient, late-to-the-party interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as pushed by the NRA and elected officials, and embraced by a vocal segment of a naïve public, is a total fraud.

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