The Tear Ducts Are Long Dry

The parade of descriptors is growing shorter, and more impotent. Depravity, darkness, evil—they all miss the mark more often than they hit it anymore, mainly due to overuse.

The footage of SWAT teams and ambulances, family members and strangers consoling one another in the aftermath, the sickening party line sound bytes offered up by mainly Republican officials, the oh-so-predictable fallback to the “primary concerns” being for the investigation and the families of those lost to another mass shooting…

The impassioned pleas of Steve Kerr and Sen. Chris Murphy and others are liable yet again to fall on deaf ears, dismissed as over-the-top Democratic theatrics, the cowardly cries of weak-kneed liberals who just can’t hack it in Wild West America. How sick can this get? What and where is next?

There are no rays of sunshine, no glimpses of hope, just fear that memories are short and inaction is the watchword—because Republicans don’t want to lose their jobs, their power?

It was the last days of school! A time I remember as anticipatory and euphoric as summer vacation approached. Instead, in this day and age– and largely only in this country– it was the last day on earth for 21 people, most of them young children, along with two adults trying to protect their kids, trying to be quiet, terrified beyond imagining, their lives snuffed out by yet one more animal with weapons that were way too easy to get his grimy hands on.

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