Amen, Brother

“Those who conceived this war want only one thing—to remain in power forever, live in pompous, tasteless palaces, sail on yachts comparable in tonnage and cost to the entire Russian navy, enjoying unlimited power and complete impunity… I simply cannot any longer share in this bloody, witless and absolutely needless ignominy.”

This from Boris Bondarev, a Russian diplomat to the U.N. Former Russian diplomat to the U.N., if these statements are accurate. He apparently has turned in his resignation from that post, adding, “The aggressive war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine and in fact against the entire Western world, is not only a crime against the Ukrainian people, but also, perhaps, the most serious crime against the people of Russia.

If such a sentiment enjoys even a modicum of distribution, one could dare think that this would help open eyes or at least cause people to reconsider the Putin line on this whole human disaster. How much lying and disinformation can people take before they realize it for what it is, before they realize they’ve been played, kept in the dark, told some manipulated and doctored version of reality?

One might expect these folks to be mad as hell.

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