Monstrous, depraved, barbaric. Putin is probably digging all the “love” being tossed his way. By love I mean hate.

There is no earthly reason to let this continue, except that Putin has reached the point of no return, and his instability and isolation could lead to a cataclysmic decision to employ nuclear weapons.

He’s aching for us to commit, then he’s really gonna let the shit fly. How do we put a stop to this?

What he’s doing now is depraved and cruel, and apparently a typical Russian tactic. He’s trying to bring Ukraine to its knees by attacking civilians—hospitals, residential neighborhoods. He’s trying to get NATO involved, because he has a whole other level of weaponry he’s just aching to show off. It seems he doesn’t care if he takes the rest of the world down with him. We can only hope there is a widespread dereliction of duty in the Russian ranks, and a groundswell of anger among the Russian people themselves. If they can get accurate information.

What is wrong with Russia, anyway? It’s always been a country that lives like it’s in a deep funk, like it’s suffering from a deep depression, like every day is overcast and rainy and cold. They’ve raised cheating to a dark art form. Government officials, other elites, and some athletes live large, while the rest of the citizens get crumbs from the table, though maybe that’s not an entirely accurate perception. It must be difficult to live in a country that spends a disproportionate share of revenue and effort on disinformation, on keeping its citizens in the dark and in line, and fending off outside influence.

Why can’t we all just work together? Why wouldn’t that work? We don’t all have to live under the same flag, under the same system of governance, but there must be a baseline of understanding regarding treatment of citizens and relating with other nations that reflects respect and a willingness to leave each other alone. There’s enough food and other necessities for everyone if we cooperate.

I guess we’re not built for harmony. We’re built for looking out for #1, and insisting that our way is the highway. Why is it our tendency to be selfish and prideful? Naïve questions, I know. But why is there always somebody with a grudge who’s in it for themselves in such a blatantly evil way?

Putin is a cartoonish villain who’s also deadly dangerous. Why are self-determination and freedom such threats to him?

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