1st World

The current MLB lockout couldn’t concern me less. The travails of players couldn’t concern me less.

Owners are business people, players are whining employees, even as the current minimum salary is $570,500. The players’ griping is always predictable, and always hits a sour note. They’re concerned about being treated well, always wanting what they consider to be their fair share of profits because, after all, they’re the reason people pay ever more exorbitant sums to come to the ballpark and watch grown men play a game.

The trend is always more and upward when it comes to salaries, which seems unsustainable and, somehow, cheapens the product. It’s difficult to conjure up even a bit of sympathy. It’s not a pastime, it’s just a business.

They can stay locked out all summer long. I won’t miss it a bit. My days of being an uncynical fan are long over.

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