Thermometer Misread

There’s no way to parse the Manchin “no” vote threat apart from it being the sad result of pressure from his donors. As many reports are noting, he can hide behind the reasoning that the BBB bill is too expensive, but the reality is more likely to be that he simply remains in the pocket of the Koch brothers and Big Coal and natural gas concerns.

The seeming fact that one person can derail programs that are wildly popular even among West Virginians—never mind the whole country—is just another reason to be angry about the state of our government, the power of Fox News, and the selective use of polling.

Maybe the biggest travesty in an age full of them is that Joe Manchin will be remembered as the principled one who stood up to the “pressure” of other members of his party (what party is he a part of again?) and voted his conscience.

Yeah, that’s what he was doing.

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