Do you ever wonder how things would be different if Jesus burst on the scene in today’s world instead of ancient Palestine? Would his teachings stand up, be the same? Would he be able to get his bearings and understand the dynamics of a world which in significant ways is better understood by its inhabitants?

          Would he even be relevant? People would chew him up on Twitter. He’d offend large swaths of the population in one way or another. So, yes, he’d be as relevant as he ever was. Some would listen with detached fascination, others would believe wholeheartedly. Others would derisively dismiss him. Still others would look for ways to silence him.

So I dare think that his mission and purpose would be exactly the same. The human dynamics haven’t changed. We are still full of ourselves, easily tempted and distracted, self-involved, hell-bent on “going it alone” and living life on our terms.

His fate would be sealed at the hands of people who felt threatened by his popularity and deference for the poor. Their consciences would be pricked by his insistence on living a clean, honest, God-fearing life. And they’d never grasp the grace, the capacity for forgiving and loving those we consider unlovable.

So, welcome to what’s left of 2021, Jesus. You’d fit right in.

As much as you could ever fit in.

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