“We’re gonna get through this.”

It could be Gov. Edwards, Gov. Hochul, Bill De Blasio, Gov. Murphy, Gov. Wolf. Probably not Gov. De Santis, because he’s Alfred E. Neuman in the flesh. Nothing to worry about in Florida. Everything is fine there.

In any event, these words are ringing hollow, just an increasingly pathetic attempt at something leaders are expected to say in the midst of a disaster. The whole country is burning or drowning or suffocating, but all our leaders can muster is “we’re gonna get through this.” Wow. Thanks. Don’t know what I would have done without your powerful words.

And then to add insult to injury, the solution put forth is to anticipate these bigger and angrier storms, build our infrastructure so it withstands the assaults… instead of having the balls to acknowledge that we have a more pressing issue: we need to change. We the people need to curb our appetites and change our habits and stop feeling so entitled. Because the forces of nature will always stay one step ahead of us.

Holy shit. Bigger and better isn’t the answer! That’s not the direction we need to go! Why is it not possible for people to see this by now?

Ida was mayhem. Ida was a slice of chaos and hell on earth from which many will never recover. And some day soon, Ida is going to seem like child’s play. But chances are that our elected leaders will just keep using the lazy and tried but not-so-true sound byte.

“We’re gonna get through this.”

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