Gluttons for Punishment

Confusion sown by the sheer volume of conflicting information. This has been the case throughout the Covid era. For example, the Delta variant is running rampant, cases are skyrocketing, ICU staffs are surviving on stomach lining, but at the same time cases have plateaued and started going the other way. It’s been a constant stream of conflicting and confusing numbers and trends, dueling panels of experts. Cherry-picked statistics?

By now, I know that because someone dares whisper “a decline in cases,” I’m not going to throw caution to the wind and abandon certain habits that have been ingrained since March 2020. Yet for others, it’s permission. It’s all they need to hear. It’s their excuse to party, or it’s affirmation that vaccines are hooey.

The decline in cases often reflects a drop from astronomically bad levels to something that’s just less astronomically bad. There’s no reason to celebrate or let your guard down!!!!!

Fauci and Osterholm aren’t boogeymen. They’re doctors who deal in the rational and the real-world. They may not have all the answers, but they’ve been as right as anyone possibly could be– Osterholm uncannily so. If we had listened to them from the beginning, we’d be in a better place right now.

But you just keep taking that ivermectin.

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