What More Do We Need to See?

Blame it on the 24-hour news cycle. We never get a break. Then again, one could argue that in the old days we were in the dark most of the time, left unaware of things like climate change. Back then if we had a heat wave, it was just something that was liable to happen in the summer time. Now we can’t avoid the connection with global warming and the effects we’re having on air and water and the rest. There’s a gloom and doom quality to things anymore.

The irony is that back then we were already setting the table for what’s going on now. We just weren’t thinking in those terms. Blissful ignorance, unaware of consequences. Now we’re all hyper-aware, maybe to the point of distraction, victims of overkill and exaggeration. When all is said and done, we still have the power to simply turn the TV off, knowing that it’s there if we need it.

Then again, climate change is real. We can’t bury our heads in the sand over that one anymore.

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