Something Doesn’t Feel Right

There is substantial opposition among Japanese citizens to the Olympic Summer Games, which are scheduled to start in three weeks or so. Apparently, there is potential for another COVID surge, and the people of Tokyo and elsewhere are not ready to welcome anyone into the country. Makes sense to me.

You’d never know that this opposition even exists here in America, based on the publicity and the build-up and the blind insistence that the games must go on. The advertising here gives no hint of the growing sentiment that the games should just be cancelled, or postponed again.

There was an article from one of the newsfeeds yesterday saying basically that to hold the games at this point would be a moral disaster. “From mere disaster to outright atrocity,” according to a Huffington Post article. It feels that way to me. The U.S. appears to be ignoring the warning signs and the unrest in Japan, instead plugging the games with the cutesy logo 202One, in hopes of rallying the nation?

Full steam ahead, damn the torpedoes and the continued presence of the pandemic. It’s all about money, as usual. Forget about the concerns of the local citizenry. Too many billions have been invested to turn back now. Too many spoiled, entitled, opinionated American athletes clamoring about all the years of training and sacrifice, yada, yada, yada…

Let the athletes compete without the spectators. Would that suit? Keep in mind that Japan has a surprisingly low vaccination rate and the pandemic is still happening.

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